[Serious] People of reddit that have done heinous things in your life, can you please create a new account and explain your thought process and why you do the things you do without any concern for the other/s?

So I cheated on my gf while we were on a sporting tour in a country in Europe. There were lots of us and I apparently (I don't remember because I was really drunk, but it's been confirmed by multiple people) kissed one of her friends that night. The rest of the trip was horrible - and now she no longer wants anything to do with me (totally understand that - i'm the one who fucked up).

Now I feel like there's a huuuuuuuge chunk missing, it's taking a lot not to just call her, but she doesn't want that - says she wants space, hates me, wants nothing to do with me, wants to forget I ever existed etc. - And it's just the absolute worst to lose that person from your life - so I can get where this guy is coming from.

For future reference guys, don't make stupid life choices when you're drunk - you'll utterly regret it.

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