[Serious] Reddit, what is the strangest/most bizarre dream you've ever had?

I had a series of dreams that ended after a week.

During the start of November, we visit the graves of our relatives.

I personally think it started there.

My room is pretty wide, with a couch on the far end, my bed on the other.

It'd basically be me, waking up. I stretch, and look at the wall clock way at the left side of my room. Then I'd dart my eyes back halfway to the clock, where I see a man with a knife already rushing towards me. I felt the pain.

I'd then wake up about three to five hours later, I think.

The next night, I dreamed the same thing. Needless to say, I died again.

During the third time, I died again.

Who would even expect this shit to happen?

So, I started to prepare myself a bit. Of course, video games would get in the way of that. Dead again. At this point, I'm really mad at why I'd even experience this bullshit.

I talked to my parents about it. "Maybe you should see an exorcist", was all I'd hear.

Fed up with my parents not believing my shit, I decided to ask my friend about it. "Maybe you killed an Alpha alien or something, dude. But, try hanging up something new on your wall. If it shows up, you might try taking the dreams seriously. They might be warnings from the future."

That definitely made a bit of sense to me at the time, so I hung a large Calendar and began flipping through towards November. Crossing out the first four days, I slept, ready to cross out the fifth day from the calendar.

The calendar appeared in my dreams that night. It had said March 13(?), 2016 or something on it. It was dark, so I couldn't quite see the crossed out dates.

The dreams ended there, abruptly. I told my friend of my findings, and he says I should probably sleep around groups of people during the time period around March 13.

I guess I should pay my grandfather another visit. It's already a new year, after all. Maybe he'd like a bouquet of dandelions on his grave this time.

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