[SERIOUS] What are some emotional problems and mental/psychological illnesses that is heavily misunderstood?

Yeah, I actually live in a household with parents who doesn’t believe in psychological help. My father would literaly beg and threatend me to cancel my therapy sections because he, and I qoute "I’m tired of it and it’s doesn’t help you, moreso makes me feel worse"

So it’s REAL shitty to hear I can’t say how I feel without someone AsKiNg iF I HaVe A PaPeR oN A DiAgNoSiS oR EDuCaTiOn iN PsYChoLoGy.

I’ve gotten multiple responses as in: - Okay doctor, good to know we got an expert - jUsT Go AnD gEt HeLp, iT’s NoT HaRd To gEt A TheRaPiSt - How would YOU know? Psychologists are far more trustworthy than the internet - That’s sounds like what an attention seeker would do

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