[SERIOUS] What is the double standard you hate the most?

Gifted children (and individuals) who are shunned and ostracized. Often, for the way they talk, of all things. It's absurd to the point of being...I don't even know. Insane, I guess.

People are offended by how extremely intelligent people talk. How does that make sense? How does it make sense, in this day and age when mankind is in such dire need of some real intelligence, to alienate it? And I'm not just talking about the cruelty of a petty society's children. Teachers are often offended by gifted children. Teachers, for crying out loud!

And people wonder why problems don't get solved? Why would someone who has been abused from day one by mankind, want to help mankind? Are you inclined to help the terrorists who want you gone? Do you expect to be loved by those you hate?

It's insane.

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