IAmA a 28 year old, college drop out entrepreneu who started at age 22 with 3,000 and is now a multi-million dollar operation AMA

Hahah great question! And the answer is yes. The way I ended up combating that, at least from people who hadn’t met me yet, was to be very, very “mysterious” on social media, I have quite a large following, but I’ve never had more than 1-2 face pictures. So when people would meet me, they wouldn’t know I was the owner, so I would get a real first impression for someone, you know? For iinstance I would post somthing like this, this was me talking to one of my close friends, Anthony Mackie aka Falcon from The Avengers, amongst other things. That’s me yo the left where you can’t really see my face. This was from the NBA all star party in New Orleans https://imgur.com/a/Wq0tL (I’m in the Seahawks jerse, to the left with the snapback on backwards)

Most people who asked for money was family and that was really hard, I’m not good at saying No to my loved ones and unfortunalty, I was taken advantage from.. I’ve learned to deal with it, I’m a lot more blunt now when people ask me for money, let’s just say I made a very public post on my Facebook basically calling out everyone who asked me for money, but don’t even know when my birthday is.

What friends do, they expect discounts, they expect to either get shit for free or at least wholesale. When my real friends want to support me and don’t expect discounts(* give them one anyways) but, having your friends and family want to support you with no strings attached, it’s the best feeling.

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