In short

I’ve fucked dozens of women. You wouldn’t know this because you’re a “hot woman” (haha) but subjectively a man cums harder when it’s in a hot innocent (yet legal) teen.

I’m just talking about subjective orgasm intensity, not about how intense the sex is as a whole. It’s not about tightness (I’ve been in a 19 year old who had never given birth and had only been with one man before me yet had a big pussy, and a couple of 30ish mums who were nice and tight, probably due to the husband stitch).

What I’m talking about is when your body knows that you have a chance to be the first to impregnate a nubile body, and tries to force every drop of seminal fluid it can muster through your urethra. The male body has a lot of subtle magic that I wouldn’t expect women to understand. It’s a bit like how a breastfeeding woman’s body can automatically adjust the composition of her milk to meet her baby’s needs, except it feels much better.

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