Should I [24F] accept a large fund of money from my [60s] parents who were abusive?

Kinda seems like you don't know how abusive households work. This money is not just money, it's a way of control from her parents, EVEN IF the money was given to her by her grandmother. When you grow up in an environment like this, your whole thoughts are sweked and parents know how to control and make their kids fear them, even if from the outside it doesn't make sense or seems like such a small issue. I feel like a lot of people here are missing that point. It's a difficult decision for OP bc it would mean letting them in again, probably because they've convinced her she has to go through them to take the money (or she actually does which is worse). This is normal behavior for abusive people fyi, gifting money as a way of control especially when the person really needs it.

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