Should an animal crossing developer read this and prioritize allowing the relocation of the Resident Services Building?

I mean... if someone has a developer's personal account, they more than likely CAN communicate with them.

Also you are definitely wrong; Nintendo doesn't have good community/customer service branch, the main source for feedback they use is through the online and public community; take super smash brothers for example. One person saying something does nothing, but reoccurring feedback has been proven time and time again to make changes.

+do you really think anyone who knows a file developer is going to spam them with this? I'm not going to list every single job that should/shouldn't be spammed within the development team. However, all that being said, even a mailman delivering mail to the work center can make a an update request.

If I worked in the ACNH development team as a secretary for and my friend sent me this, I'd probably just respond agreeing with them.

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