Should the school and bullies who posted the video online be responsible for her death?

“Title” >>> That’s not how laws work, but it’s more important that, locally, this is handled as a stake in the ground, that it’s made known the they will change the (local) law and school rules, sure. The school can only do so much.

It is the parents of the bully children who are at fault. At fault for either being aware and egging them on, being aware but not saying anything and/or being aware and doing nothing. And “not” being aware is probably even worse. Negligence of your child being raised by “the herd” or allowing social media, society and mob rule is where something must be done.

That means you are failing or have failed as a parent, and Child services should take them away from you, and any other kids you have. This, social media shaping the kids actions more than you are, as parents, means you should not have kids.

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