I once turned you into Barb, only fair to get dragged on stream and my man, here is some content.


  1. No, I have no idea what the fuck leaked and spilled, it happened months ago and I can't be bothered.
  2. E G G S & C H E E S E
  3. Yes, I did buy Halimi but I'm too scared to try and make it.
  4. I eat cottage cheese out the tub in bed when I get blasted, i'm nearly out, been one of those weeks.
  5. Pasta is for Rezoli, maiyaThebee
  6. Way in the back middle shelf, are mangos slices for edibles, that I got 3 months ago, only slightly moldy, interesting.
  7. Bonus: It won't shock you to know the inside of my microwave was last cleaned in 2018ish, showing it here is probably TOS, but I can't be bothered.

I took a selfie in the fridge, will post only if needed. I'm fivegetsyouten on twitch.

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