Problem with Threads of Fate

Ah. Sorry. Should have read more carefully.

I haven't watched that video to see what they're saying, but I'm not sure what the problem is. I actually finished the main quest line just 5 minutes ago. The minute that happened, quests that were green on my main switched to yellow and WQs and events appeared on the map. When I switch to an alt I also see WQs and events on the map. Fewer of them, but I assume that's because this character is still 60 and fresh off the boat and everything is still unexplored. I don't see a quest called "Adventuring in the Dragon Isles" anywhere, but I don't see why I'd expect to. The equivalent of Callings seems to be Aiding the Accord, based on reputation rather than a specific number of quests or anything else. What's missing?

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