Single people of Reddit, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

(Very dark) [TL;DR at end] I used to like Valentine’s Day. It was about one of my favorites. Just the free candy and other stuff. Two years ago, on February 14th, I was minding my business in middle school science class when about 2:00, I hear the words every student dreads: code red. About 20 minutes later someone finds out that the high school next door was in the middle of a shooting. At 5:00, after the high school was evacuated, we emerged into a world that was shaken up, and missing 17 people. I do not consider myself a survivor on any level, please do not call me such. I feel that I should post this as a reminder and a lesson, as when things are forgotten history often repeats itself, and the though of that pains me. Sorry if this is a darker answer than you were expecting

TL;DR: the school next to mine was shot up 2 years ago, I am not celebrating Valentine’s Day by any means

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