Mod Tyran leaving anti-cheat after 7 years (still working elsewhere at Jagex)

It is really impressive.

He found a profitable model where he has a fully captive audience and can make content with near zero effort. Yet, he isn't pumping out 2-3 videos per week, grinding & making money.

He's maybe putting out 1 video a month (sometimes 2), I assume to cover rent/bills and/or an upcoming vacation. The guy optimized his video formula down to make content with the barest effort possible and he's not even exploiting that fact.

True commitment right there. I can only aspire to such a lethargic mindset. I'm not kidding. I have bills, responsibilities, and anxieties. I'd at least pump out a video weekly, just to shore up my income stream & savings. Experiment with the formula to try to grow my audience. Can I expand my content while keeping the minimalistic style & effort?

Sir Pugger? Nope. Can't even be asked to upload regularly. Grindset buddy, pure fucking grindset.

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