Slowly falling

Ever had a cold bucket of water to the face? Because this is what this will be. If you're not feeling tops right now I'd save my comment for later. Someone should tell you though.

You want to get out of yesterday's situation? You wanna learn to do better than how you were doing today? You wanna be better stronger wiser tomorrow?

You need to quit feeling bad for your situation and handling your anxiety/boredom with videogames.

I was like you. Except I wouldn't play videogames I've always stayed away from those. They addicting. Instead it was drugs (like weed) and alcohol. Which is just another time killer. Time you and I could've spent focusing on making money and learning things. Improving our bodies and minds.

This is when you have to make a decision. You can either take your addictions and start making money with them (to eventually turn pleasure into work; never get high on your own supply) or you can drop them. You're broke. Being broke is a product of spending more money than you're making. Every minute you are alive and not making money you're spending some. The goal for you should be to realize you're probably lazy and somewhat entitled.

Every human on earth is inherently lazy. We always try to spend the least amount of energy and time to get the most out of something. Its a survival strategy that's served us well. Its why the wheel was invented and fire was wielded. And it's not to me you have to convince you're not lazy. Its to yourself.

You have to look online. Show up places. Talk to business owners. You have to look at what other people did to get out of poverty. You have to decide for which side you'll play. The fact you're looking online for a solution means you might be motivated. You might just be desperate. The truth is that very few people care and the ones that do are seeing your potential at your age, not your actual value. We aren't old or famous enough to have any real value in society. Its time to prove them wrong. To show them you haven't been alive this long to contribute nothing. Figure it out. I'd purge any fun things out of my life until a simple cup of coffee is a treat. Then your treats get real cheap. Money is options. The more money you have the easier it is to make some. But you gotta pull yourself out and no stranger is about giving free handouts. If it's free, you're the product.

Here's a tip: small businesses might prefer to pay under the table to skip the employment tax. I'd assume covid sprayed oil on that fire. You get the job first because they don't have to pay as much for you and they hold you by the b*lls so they can be confident you'll work hard. They aren't even liable if you get hurt or sick at work so they won't care. You'd have to lie on your taxes which is evasion so I don't encourage this, but dishonest honest work beats selling crack. You just say you're a volunteer if anyone asks and if you get arrested you don't say anything. Whose to say you weren't just using the washroom in that location.

Basically, there's always options and you might not be the one that put you in your shoes but you sure gotta wear them so start walking til you break them in. Ain't nobody wanna wear your shoes. People say they have heroes like Ghandi or Miley Cyrus. I can't imagine how much these people suffered to get where they are. No one goes through life unscathed. The bigger the reward the harder the problems. The only problem poor people have is money. Man up, get up, figure it out. You don't lose til you give up.

Today, I'd leave any juvenile pleasures behind. That's videogames, getting high everyday with no reason to celebrate, focusing on getting laid, heck even reading too many fantasy novels can keep you where you're at. If you really like staring at screens, teach yourself graphics design, go on teach yourself coding, go do surveys online.

Most 19 year olds have the luxury of having a good time in their twenties. I didn't. Since I'm 16 I've been living on my own making my own money. The only thing you can do now is either try to have the best time you can right now, or not have a good time at all until your thirties or forties when you can turn up on your private island. What keeps me going is that when my kids turn 20 I'll still be able to spoil them better than my competitor's kids are. Better education, better sleep, better sports, better teammates, better business ventures, better networks. I want them to be the laziest most entitled little pieces of bourgeoisie shits as kids. I want to measure my success by how wildly annoying in their handed success my kids are to the rest of the world. I want them to live in the shadow of a man I once was and that they'll never have to be. And then I want to strip them of all their comforts so they can learn like I did. The most useful, sturdiest things are built out of sufferance. The greatest are pieces out of frustration.

Just gotta find your calling man. If that's playing videogames for a living, start building towards that. But if it aint, set your ego aside and find something people need and offer it to them. All you need is purpose and then finding the money and motivation to get it comes easier.

Whatever you pick though, you can't use it as an excuse. "Stop bugging me, I'm working towards being a videogame commentator" is not the same as saying "I talked with Mrs Whatever and she might have a job for me, once I've covered rent and food I'll see if I can invest in a better microphone for my business."

If all else fails, join the army they'll take care of you. They might even give you an education.

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