The SMG Meta

I was trying to argue the patch moving towards a lower skillcap, as has been the trend since the introduction of the CZ. This isn't just my opinion, it's the overall opinion of most pros and public figures in the CS scene.

I know that a lot of people have this opinion, hence why I am not inclined to share my opinion very much on these boards. However, I do very much disagree with this as I have seen no indication of the skillcap being lowered, I've just seen the learning curve being adjusted for newer players.

Valve is trying to fix OP easy to use weapons with more OP easy to use weapons. I don't think you will find a single pro who will argue the updated SMGs aren't easier to use than before.

Again, they've adjusted the learning curve and buffed the SMGs. Any buff to a weapon makes it easier to use, this is not shocking news and not something I have ever argued against.

They've been buffed as you say; a buff like this, decreasing spread, higher damage and such, means lower skill to use. This is what I'm saying with the lower skillcap; the weapon has been buffed in every way, it isn't just increased damage for a larger spread etc. It's smaller spread, higher damage, better everything. If everything improves, it simply becomes easier to use and thus the skillcap is lowered.

You are describing an easier learning curve here, not a skillcap. The skillcap may have been lowered, but it's a moot argument considering the skillcap is so far from being reached. Having reached the skillcap of a weapon would mean you are literally using it to it's best capacity (humanly possible you'd usually say).

You won't see a difference in skill from SMGs in tier 2 teams to tier 1 teams, because they have become inherently easy to use.

So a Tier 2 team using SMGs against a Tier 1 team using SMGs in a straight 1v1 situation, you are saying that it would be a cointoss who would win. I can't say I agree (I'd love to see an example of this), but even then, the use of these SMGs in the pro scene is relatively new so it's possible that the pros are almost equally skilled at using the SMGs - but that will change once they actually start training the use of SMGs for a while, and I bet you will easily see a difference between Tier 1 and 2 teams using SMGs. You will also surely see Riflers adapting better to SMG strategies.

On a related side note, I'm currently watching VP vs. TSM and no one is keeping their SMGs for long and I'm seeing plenty of AWPs being bought.

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