Someone please save allu from this disaster of a team

What he did? Takes 3 more players to agree. Also have u seen those ence players talk or even write down anything? They seem to not be all there including sunny, they are legit socially awkward people, for example sunny got mad because allu didn't praise him in a podcast maybe with thorin but allu never said anything bad about sunny. Only aleksib is the normal one lol. Not to mention they all are washed up now besides allu if u go by his stats.

I vaguely remember them blaming allu but nothing more came out, something about "the truth" i don't even think allu ever went into deep detail after ence died on the podcast. So basically just by default allu takes all the blame and allu being allu doesn't care to defend himself.

Correct me if I'm wrong here, also finns wtf were up with the ence players? I dont believe it was a bit.

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