I need a CS:GO coach (only ever made it to GN2)

Ah I won't coach you man sorry, I barely have time to play anymore nvm coach someone.

1.5k hours is a decent amount, but when I was trying to git gud I was playing at least 30 hours a week, and making sure to hop on pretty much everyday for at least 10-15 mins DM/retakes/duels/aimbotz.

First thing to note is if you're in NA, the ranking system is supposedly utterly fucked and its near impossible to rank up above MG, very small playerbase and the majority of people in MM are silver-gold nova, don't know how faceit is

If you're EU, honestly you just need to grind it out to improve mechanics & decision making, there's fuck loads of good YouTube channels that analyse pro games but I'd say if you're in GN you should focus on improving your own aim (most important thing for low ranks) positioning, and utility. Flashes are stupidly effective vs low rank players, people don't know when to turn from a flash or anything in low ranks.

Voo is a good YouTube channel that covers most of the basic concepts for CS

Consider which fights to take aswell, if you're in a 5v3 on T side you don't need to go looking for solo fights, you can wait for your team to group up (or just follow one team mate/have them follow you & trade), you'll see it regularly in every rank (still happens in global, and faceit 10) where people will throw away the advantage in a round for absolutely no reason other than trying to dry peek an awper

Sorry my comment is very messy, but basically put in the hours & actively think about what went wrong when you died. When you die just think to yourself, did I have to take that fight? What utility did I have that could've got me into a more advantagous fight? If I had waited could my team mate have traded me?

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