FNX amazing nade against Falcons

The person isn't talking about you directly. He's just pointing out that's been the narrative on this subreddit.

Then why is he replying to me in a particular conversation? He's obviously referring to me as if I'm a hater, cut the pretentious bullshit. He made a mistake, end of story. It isn't a big deal.

I'll never understand why people on the internet take what is said in replies as if it is a personal attack. You're a complete stranger on the internet. Literally nobody here knows what you've said in the past or knows what is happening in your brain. We're just talking about the running narrative in this subreddit which is advertised by what typically gets upvoted to the top.

That's exactly why I explained it.

Nobody cares. Nobody knows who are. They don't know your post history nor care to. They don't know what's going on in your brain and they will have forgotten you said anything at all in a couple hours. So don't spend so much time being concerned with how you're perceived on the internet by a complete bunch of strangers.

It's cuite that you seem to hope that I care, but I honestly couldn't care less. Just because I took 20 seconds to explain, doesn't mean that I'm insecure about my reflection on Reddit, nor anywhere else for that matter. I really have no fucking idea what gives you these delusions.

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