Comprehensive statistical comparison between the post nerf M4A1-S and M4A4

You are being contradictory for the sake of it.

How many people seing this do you think are unaware that the A1 is silenced?

When holding a position do you think "I have access to 2.61 seconds of firing time" or "I have 30 bullets"? Are you seriously trying to tell me that you count seconds to the second decimal point in your head while spraying rather than keeping an eye on the ammo count?

The deagle has a higher firing time than the mp9, is it better at dealing with eco rushes?

How would the weapons length be of use without knowing the depth of different corners/hiding spots? The measurement means nothing without context.

Same goes with audible range. Nobody has a visual image of x units in their head. Do you refrain from spamming outside smokes on nuke from ct/heaven if you pick up an AK? The enemies can hear you then right?

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