Soccer Daily - 10/31/17 (Tuesday)

this is my first ever POD as well but i shall post here too.

Columbus Crew to qualify at EVEN vs New York City FC

Dont fall for the 90' minute 3 way ML trap!!!! i see the 3 way line is the same as the qualifying line and i laugh thinking of those who took it.

Lets be honest yall, Atlanta did not impress at all in the PK shootout loss vs the Crew, HOWEVER...that crowd was very impressive! Now the Crew have the crowd on their side and might i add the fact that the owner is publicly considering moving the team to Austin, Texas. Some may see this as a bad sign but i see it as a challenge to the Columbus people, they are cheering to show they want their team to stay tomorrow and i expect them to be extra loud.

Some may forget that Columbus had a taste of the MLS cup when they lost in the final a few years back. This means Crew players know what it takes and have the experience.

Some may be placing bets on the fact that the Crew keeper is a young lad, well...idk how old he is he is a fucking baller. He is also a physical freak so i hope to see some punched out crosses from him.

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