How did you find out someone had a crush on you?

There are too many happy stories on here so here’s mine: The guy and I met my sophomore year. We flirted a lot but for many reasons I felt like he was out of league. He was just the jokey flirty type in general so I never really knew if he liked me because he was always joking and I kinda just took it as a one sided thing when I would see groups of girls surrounding him. There were still a lot of heavily flirtatious and confusing moments (one time he just kept staring at me from across the room for like 5 minutes?) throughout the rest of high school until I think he started backing off. At the time I was in no place to date anyone (mental health) but he was stuck in my head so I decided to confess to help myself move on. I told him I liked him and that he didn’t have to respond. Next time we saw each other in the hallways he actively turned the other way lol

Oh to be a teenager.

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