Some of the sharpest reviews on the Woodville Pizza Bar I’ve seen so far.

The pizza shop and the individual have been thrown under a bus by SAPOL and SA Health.

We have known for a long time that the guy worked at the pizza bar. It's been widely reported in the media and you'd have to have half a brain to believe the guy wasn't working there. Here's an article from 6am yesterday that outlined how the security guard was working at the pizza bar:

Just one of the many media reports from Wednesday and Thursday that the guy was working there.

Not only would the guy working at the pizza bar would have needed to lie, but the other staff/managers would have also needed to lie. They could have also checked phone records for locations.

The police chief stands up and throws the guy under the bus for lying while at the same time he is lying to everyone by telling them they didn't know he was working there. I guess it's easier to lie and throw the guy and the pizza bar under a bus than it is to admit they are a bunch of idiots and the lockdown was unnecessary.

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