SPOILER: About the Zombies in Advanced Warfare...

  1. Find the black box on the left of the downed warbird.
  2. Take the black box into the morgue. Activate it at one of the computer monitors on the right of the room by a computer desk.

3-6 in any order

  1. Acquire the EM1 from any 3D Printer. Have any person active the printer. The person with the EM1 shoots into the 3D Printer. Have the female character pick up her ID Badge that appears. The female character’s badge now turns to 1.
  2. Two players go through the Trash Chutes at the same time. They shoot the floor constantly until the security guard’s ID Badge appears on the ground. This can be difficult to see and can take more than one time going into the incinerator room. The security guard’s badge now turns to 1.
  3. In the holding room, shoot the metal bar stuck in the farthest out cell. Once the bar is completely removed, have all players acquire Slam. All players must then Slam onto the cell at the same time. Once this is complete, a cell next to it will come up from the floor, and inside will be the janitor’s ID Badge. The janitor’s badge now turns to 1.
  4. All players become infected then activate the keypads around the administration room. Only certain characters can activate certain pads. Once the correct character activates the correct pad, the light turns green. Then Bill Paxton’s ID Badge appears under the left slot of the glass office by the Medic upgrade station. The manager’s badge now turns to 1.
  5. Zombies will now randomly drop other ID Badges. Pick all of them up until each player’s ID Badge reads 49 in the top right corner.
  6. All players must now go back to the black box monitor in the morgue and activate it.
  7. All players must find their unique card readers near their ID Badge locations.
  8. All players then use the level 50 upgraded ID Badges at the EXO suit station at the same time at the corners.
  9. Go out to the starting area a warbird will appear and escape will be possible.
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