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This comment is just... Incorrect.

Dany never cared for the people she was ruling? What? Did you see season 3?

"How many slaves?"

"Your Grace?"

"How many slaves are in those walls."

"200,000, your grace."

"Then we have 200,000 reasons to take the city."

Killing slavers is 100% a good act. They literally crucified children just to fuck with her. Her response wasn't even the total execution of the slaving class, which would actually have solved many problems she faces. Instead Daenarey's shows mercy towards slavers, only kills the same number as the number of children killed, and then spends two seasons attempting to integrate into Meereneese society so that she can learn how to be a good queen.

You are wrong here, flat-out incorrect about Daenary's motivation and character prior to Season 6. She literally chained up her three dragons, who she views as her children, because there was a chance that one child was killed by Drogon. Dany's story is one of her trying to make peace, trying to fix things and help people. Her naivete gives her empathy to act on, but leaves her ignorant of how to follow-through.

There is, under no stretch of the imagination, no evidence to say the batshit claim that "She never cared for the people she was ruling." IF SHE DIDN'T CARE SHE WOULD HAVE MOVED ON TO WESTEROS WHEN OFFERED THE CHANCE TO BACK OUT BY THE SONS OF THE HARPY.

Fact is: her being the mad queen is some fresh bullshit built up and paid off almost entirely within season 8. Narratives that make it sound otherwise completely cherry-pick or leave out vital context.

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