[Star Wars] What exactly was the prophecy from the prequels? Did it get fulfilled? When/how, and why or why not?

Uhh no, you're not on the side of the dictionary haha, again you're just back pedaling because you want the story to be something else, have you thought about writing fan fiction? No joke. I'm in no situation, you on the hand just cry out " DICTIONARY". You asked for a source when something someone said was regarded as Canon in terms of the story, that's literally Pablo Hidalgos job. George Lucas straight up said there can't be sith ghosts and what happened? There wasn't because George Lucas made the lore. If Pablo decides something is Canon, it's Canon whether you like that or not, it's Canon. I will not be responding Now that you've lost the argument. Peace, hope you get over yourself thinking that you know more than the creators who get paid to make the lore. Also don't get butthurt you lost, it's okay to be wrong.

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