Need Quick Help on How to Eat Out!

  1. This is a casual restaurant, it's going to be completely fine.

2 When you arrive, a host will may be standing behind a podium and will greet you, and possibly ask about reservations. If they are doing their job correctly, they will seem very friendly. Do not feel as though you must match their enthusiasm, or that you are being rude if you don't have a huge smile just for them on your face because you are not being paid to create a friendly atmosphere for the restaurant, you're there to relax. Just be casual and polite, and say "Hello" if they do greet you. If they aren't super enthusiastic, they're probably just really busy, or they could be an awful host. Either way, it isn't a reflection on you. A server will either approach or the host (or a server) will tell you they will be right with you.

  1. A server will introduce themselves (again, you do not need to match their level of enthusiasm, just be polite and treat them like anyone else) and lead you to your table.

  2. The server may go through a list of specials. If you're nervous, just tune out. If something sounds tasty but you don't remember everything they said about that dish, ask them if they could please repeat their explanation of "the hamburger with mushrooms" or whatever distinguishing feature you do remember about a dish. They'll be happy to oblige, and if they're not, they're doing a bad job and if isn't a reflection on you.

  3. The server will then ask if you know what you want, or may walk away without asking, in which case it's perfectly fine to say "Oh, could I have a (blank)?". It's not rude to ask even after they have turned their back or begun to walk away because they are supposed to ask. If you're nervous, order water. They may ask if you would prefer bottled or tap---go for bottled. You won't insult their establishment by not wanting their two water.

  4. I suggest picking out what you may want to eat before going to the restaurant because it's a food time saved and will relieve you of some potential anxiety. When you do order, it's okay to open up your menu and read the listing you would like. You don't have to memorize it. This isn't a test.

  5. Check to see if your order has sides so you can choose those before the server returns to take your order. It looks like your menu has the choices listed right next to the individual listings.


  1. If there are two sets of silver wear (doesn't look like there will be, but just in case) start with the outside and work your way in.

  2. Napkin goes on your lap.

  3. People do appetizers differently, but it's most polite for everyone to order an appetizer or for everyone to simply go to a main course. If you can afford it, you may want to order an appetizer if everyone else is doing so, which will prevent you from feeling out of place. Same foes for dessert,usually either everyone orders one or no one does. In more casual environments, such as hanging out with good friends, people may break this rule.

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