Suburban transit service suggestions

Here's what I would change:

  • Restore late night half hourly service for the 26, 27, 29, 101, 110, 129, 134, 136, 128 (154) and 155

  • Increase service south of Metrotown. Right now the South Slope area south of Rumble has no service at all. Make the C7 run later. It makes no sense why an area so close to Metrotown forces you to be dependent on a car/taxi.

  • Facilitate service along Royal Oak between Deer Lake and Canada Way. The only buses are the 110 (down Moscrop/Gilpin) and the 123, which are two kilometre apart from each other.

  • Restore C1 and C2 shuttle service to Capitol Hill

  • More frequent 116 service to better serve the industrial areas and office parks in Big Bend. The reroute was a good start but no one will take the bus if it's so infrequent.

  • More service to the further reaches of New West. 16th and 10th Avenue corridors are very much underserved by the 101, 128 and 155. There isn't even any bus service on the other end of 10th (Brow of the Hill area), and it can be a long walk to the 106 and 112 stop. Especially since New West is hilly and there are a lot of elderly residents who may not want to walk that far.

  • Improved service/route integration around the 8th and McBride area. It's a busy area, with city hall, the Justice Institute of BC and the Canada Games Pool, plus Royal Square is close by.

  • Restoration of 15 minute rush hour frequencies on the 134 and 136, and 20 minute frequencies on weekends and holidays to attract more riders to the malls. Plus the 136 is the only bus link the people in the Forest Grove area co-op housing developments.

  • Increase evening frequencies on the 144. Once 6pm hits, the 144 reverts to 30 minute service. However, SFU still has evening classes, and when they let out around 8:30, the 144 gets overcrowded. Passups down Duthie and even south of Kensington are epidemic.

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