Sumo Ed

From a comment above when Ed asked "do you like?" I don't even remember that! He definitely was asking questions about her fb and having 4k friends. He stated that she never talked about herself so that made sense. I don't have 4k friends either! He got grumpy when shopping bc she was taking money out of his wallet. I don't think she was taking advantage one bit. It was clear to me that he just wanted to get the breakdown first. It's foreign money to him and when you're sweating like a whore in church, money conversion might have been a foreign concept. He was off because of the text from her sister asking for money and hadn't brought it up. He asked for her to take an STD test.. Is that what you mean? If so, how us that controlling? He's trying to protect his sexual health. I think he should have explained it better personally but I get tested along with any new partner too.

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