[Support Only] I'm slowly trying to fuck with someone's head

Have you thought about getting ledacranz cheese and putting it on the engine of her car so that when it heats it circulates in to the vents of the heater smelling like someone shit in the car? Or,court a candy bar in the gas tank? Get some screws and start them into her tires so that they work their way into the tires while she is driving or away from home. You are lazy and unimaginative, just don't get caught and accelerate your game; make these ventures costly place the ad and have the bill sent to her for having out them in the first place, leave her office or work number for an alternate number so collections can get in touch with her. Discontinue her home phone, re subscribe her to differnt cable companies than she uses now like dish TV if she has verizon or whatever. Call Scientology to have them come visit, she'll never get rid of them, and it will cost a fortune as well. Don't send Jehovas Witnesses they are lie white hats of the cult world, send the Scientologists, Mormons, AA/NA. Fill a paper bag with poo-poo and lit it on fire and then ring the door bell and run away! Just one newspaper? Why not all of them and from differnt cities, even different countries, subscribe her to pornographic media catalogues and adult toys -- in fact try and get her on mailing lists where they will subscribe her as well. You may consider joining Sceintolgy yourself and have them show you how to pester someone into the ground. Call the police from places you know she is at, and report for passing in the parking lot where she is likely having a drink with a meal even; they'll watch her and give a sobriety test which she'll flunk (she had a drink with dinner). Report her for following young boys after school (you should know some young boys who walk from school); perhaps enlist one of your charges to really do her dirty. There are cards on the Internet that obscure your number and voice for a few dollars whenever you are out (or from home) obscure the number and change the voice and claim to be a satanist who has selected her because she is chosen to be the chosen one's baby sitter or something and that you can't allow that to happen. Though that thing with the cheese, screws and candy bar or sugar packets in the gas tank are oldies they are goodies. Don't worry too much about your fingerprints but do carry some windex or spray cleaner and a very generic paper towel (they can trace you by the fiber in the paper towel just as easily as by your smudged prints). Try and sharpen up your archery skills, get a black or midnight blue ninja suit is best and study poisonology. Not toxicology, that is the opposite -- let me suggest ricin made from fermenting castor beans and them isolating the misery in that compote. Don't just kil her outright, that's nowhere make her suffer but just as you are about to her cutoff her last tourniquet/banded foot take off your mask and declare yourself. The old stabbed with screwdriver and pissing on the wounds is hard to beat in simplicity and pinache though -- it is just so traditional. You may hire someone to get her pregnant to -- the misery is unending.

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