Surefour: Blizzard doesn't give a f*ck about your opinion

When was the last time you watched that video? Because you really should. He says McCree, Winston, and hitscans can counter Reinhardt, Ana, and Pharah respectively but there is good counter-play. He says Widow is Pharah's "hardest counter" (which is different than a hard counter) and that Pharah still has counter-play options available.

I thought the depth/nuance in hitscans vs Pharah was pretty obvious compared to Brig vs Tracer. Pharah has a ton of map geometry to stay out of LoS while doing damage, she can take good flanks where a hitscan character can't easily see or shoot without putting themselves at risk. That's a good interaction: Widow, Soldier, McCree can create space the Pharah can't go to without risk of dying but Pharah finds space to still do damage and put pressure on the enemy team so they can't advance to certain parts without taking damage and feeding ult charge. Or, Pharah takes a good flank angle; does the DVa stay in her backline to DM the barrage and kill Pharah? If she stays in the back, she can't protect her team pushing further up. If she pushes forward, she puts her low-mobility healers at risk. In addition to this, hitscan counters Pharah with good aim. A Widow who kills her once every couple minutes will put almost 0 pressure on the Pharah whereas a good Widow who'll headshot Pharah whenever she's in open air can greatly limit the Pharah, who's still available to take off-angles and use cover at a disadvantage to herself.

Now let's look at Winston vs Ana. Winston can jump on Ana, Ana can sleep dart him, heal herself, anti- him, and pump out enough damage to maybe win the engagement. But the Winston doesn't want to get slept so he jumps on her, puts his shield down, and starts weaving in and out of his shield; he can damage her faster than she can get away, but she can time a good sleep dart and anti-nade to still gain the advantage. Can Ana walk out of range in time to get peel or is she better off trying to walk into the shield and sleep him? Winston's obviously at an advantage but Ana still has potential to outplay him.

Annnnd now this is where saying he's using Brigitte as a scapegoat is wrong. Brigitte's kit back then was absolutely ridiculous. Her passive healing was okay. Her armour pack instantly healed + overhealed armour, which was really powerful. Her stun was on a much shorter CD with 50dmg and an insta-kill combo on Tracer. Her ult was the worst, though. Armour back then cut damage by up to 5 per tick of damage and neutered: Soldier, DVa, Genji, Mercy, Moira, Orisa, Reaper, Roadhog, Sombra, Torb's RMB, Tracer, Widow's SMG, Winston, and Symm & Zarya's beams. That's almost half the cast. And how did Brigitte cut all this damage by ~30% to ~50%? Pressing Q. Have her teammates in the long-lasting, rather large area while she had a speed-boost to give them armour from an ult she could then start building before the armour depleted. What does a Tracer do now? Because her damage is cut in nearly half. She can't get value out of pulse bomb because most of the enemy team has more health than pulse does damage, she can't farm it, she can't go in and try to 1-clip because of either armour or overheal. And there's absolutely nothing Tracer could do to play around this. Compare this to Pharah taking angles against Widow or DVa having to risk her front-line or back-line against barrage; what does Tracer do against Brigitte having pressed Q? Hop off Tracer, obviously. But Soldier's facing similar problems, Sombra can also barely do damage, Winston's going to jump in and tickle them before getting stun-locked and melted, Reaper and Hog can't do their burst damage, and even Moira's orb/M1 do effectively nothing. Still think Brigitte's just a scapegoat? Or, maybe, is there a chance Blizzard released a broken character with broken mechanics--casual reminder the armour stack bug could even cancel out 50%+ of burst damage until just a few months ago--who was easy to play and shut down half the cast almost by virtue of existing?

Fun fact: Moth Mercy was also obscenely overpowered and Mercy hiding behind cover, leaving her team to fight a 5v6 before swooping in to get a rez, wasn't good for the game either. Chalking everything up to whining isn't very productive and trying to see why there's complaints is a good place to start.

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