Taco Bell Nutritional information.

Best place to buy cheap food is at a grocery store. A pound of beans and rice is practically free. You could eat dinner all week on a couple bucks. Go vegan and drop the cheese and you'll save a bunch more, especially on your healthcare.

Taco bell's beans come in a bag, dehydrated. Just add boiling water and wait! So nutritious! In fact? Almost everything comes it a bag. On average, the cost of the food they sell is less than 10% of the price. Taco bell is dog shit.

Restaurants aren't there for your health, they're there to sell product. The best way to do that is fat, sugar, and salt, and you'll find not shortage here. They take advantage of laziness, but cooking the meals you eat could not be a more essential skill. Take the power back and become the caretaker of your own health.

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