You can't compare Tupac to rappers today in this climate after #metoo. If we had #metoo back then, his legacy may not have lived this long. R Kelly is finally getting caught up and has lost a lot of his remaining following from the shit he's pulled (and continues to pull). If Tupac was still alive and well, I am doubtful anyone would consider rape part of his "street life" after the #metoo movement. Street life isn't about taking advantage of people sexually. It's about doing what you "have" to to stay alive and make it. It's about defending your family.

Everything with JC is about sexual assault/harassment. CardiB's actions were drugging and robbing people. They are not comparable in the current climate. She faced some backlash when he claims came out and lost some fans. By no means was she "cancelled" (and I honestly don't agree with cancel culture most of the time). If she was still engaging in those behaviors today, she certainly would get cancelled by a lot more because those actions aren't necessary for her to survive. She's made it. Apologists just say it's all in the past and she was just doing what she had to to survive(i.e., that's the "street life"). JC sexually harassing people is current and has nothing to do with making it.

My whole post was saying that if she didn't see anything wrong with these actions and she is siding with JC.. there may be more we don't know about what she has done (or what she continues to do now). That's just conjecture. It could be nothing, but it sounds like insecurity to me. When you have the money and fame she does, you don't get as much of a pass for having a "street life" continue in some respects, and you sure as shit don't get a pass for sexual assault anymore.

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