IG Mic Check | IG vs SKT | MSI 2019 Group Stage Day 2

Ning: Shotcalling some stuff.

Fight begins

Everyone: Play slow, Play slow.

Rookie: I got kicked...

Rookie dies

Ning: Fall back fall back.

IG starts falling back

JKL: We can fight!

Ning: Wait for next minion wave. Fall back and wait for the minion wave.

Minions are here

JKL: I can fight!

Ning: Let's go.

Someone: Use your mechanics.

JKL goes ham.

Rookie and TheShy: Speaking Korean.

Rookie: Translating for TheShy.

SKT got rekt and falls back to their fountain.

Ning: focus on first nexus turret!

SKT got rekt harder. Lost both nexus turrets.

Everyone: Destroy the structures, destroy the structures!

JKL: Look at my DMG.

Ning: SKT!

Rookie: Ex Kay Tea-eegh!

Ning: Finished!

Someone: Is this the fastest?

Ning: Finished!

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