Demi Lovato, sister of Poot Lovato and creator of drama, started her musical career in 2004 2008 when she starred in the Disney Channel film Camp Rock. “This Is Me”, a duet with former boyfriend Joe Jonas, ended up being her highest charting single to date (#9). Aside from Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2, she has released five albums. Don’t Forget (2008), her debut album, was powerpop-heavy. Here We Go Again (2009), Demi’s first and only #1 album, tapped her into mainstream pop with the lead single of the same title peaking at #15. After directly confronting her struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and bulimia, she released her empowering signature song “Skyscraper”. Unbroken (2010) hosted her first radio hit “Give Your Heart a Break”, which was #1 on the radios in early 2012.

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