Texas school board candidates adopt 'Southlake playbook,' targeting race and sexuality

Yeah, I was reading up on the school district candidates in Keller for the May 7th election, and Micah Young & Joni Shaw Smith both had “keep politics out of the classroom” language in their promotional material/interviews. Which, you know… means that they’re very motivated by politics.

And sure enough, Smith’s priorities page on her site is completely about “sexually explicit” books... I don’t know, I’m highly skeptical of people who want to sanitize the content in schools, not just for their children, but for everyone else’s by extension.

Micah Young also has the same “no politics in schools!” language on his site, and when you look at the candidate Q&A on Keller ISD’s website, under the question “Do you have any specific changes you want to see made in our schools’ curriculum?” His answer is simply “Yes!”. That’s a big yikes from me. I don’t think school board officials should be getting in so they can rewrite curriculums, especially if their qualifications are being a pilot and having an MBA. Nothing involving, you know, education.

He donated to Joni Shaw Smith & Sandi Walker’s campaign too, so I would guess they’re more or less on the same page politically.

Just interesting the dynamics you can uncover once you start digging.

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