Is there any interest in getting John Oliver to do a show covering Basic Income???

Ask yourself this:

Every time technology has made your job easier, did you notice that either:

A) The increase in productivity meant you got paid more.


B) The decrease in amount of time it took meant you could work fewer hours for the same pay.

Did either of the above happen? No, of course not. So what did?

The benefits of efficiency, automation, and technology produce surplus value that does NOT go to the worker, but to the owner / financier / investment class.

If it takes fewer workers to do the same amount of work, they don't reduce your hours, they fire some of you. But no way is anyone going to get away with not working all week long to get a paycheck.

So... with history setting the trend, what happens when technology improves so much that the human worker is made essentially obsolete? It can go 1 of 2 ways:

1) Those who own the means of production will essentially own everything of value - factories, land, corporations, and the state machine. Almost everyone else will be unemployed, and therefore no means to provide for themselves. In this scenario, all the workers of the world have basically worked their entire lives to produce the rope to hang themselves with.

or 2) A shift in attitudes will take place, including the realization that the steps that got us here were the work of everybody - all of the years and generations of human beings working, experimenting, learning, and building have created a new legacy for mankind - an economic freedom for everyone, a world where there is so much material wealth that essentially everyone can be "rich." Owing to the fact that when the majority of mankind is unemployABLE, then there is no point in perpetuating a system in which everyone is required to pay money for the necessities of life. In this world, the surplus value created by automation will be distributed equitably to everyone.

The choice is ours, but there is going to be some serious arguing going on, whichever way it goes.

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