Is there any way a stateless Palestinian refugee can enter Israel and get citizenship?

"you are obsessed with Israel" says the reditor with the Israel flag profile pic.

slowmoefoe you seem nice and pro peace and not anti israeli existence . I will be honest with you even the Israeli redditors (who are mostly left leaning) here are nationalist. don't expect a civil discussion here, if you dare call yourself Palestinian, people here are automatically aggressive. They don't care for your side. they have its us or them mentality (for obvious reasons)

And you are right about Palestinian "refugees" making the same sense as the right of return. the right of return makes no sense as much as UNRWA's definition of refugee . Don't think you are crazy for seeing their hypocrisy

I really hate getting downvotes but you need to be supported because you genuinely seem nice and you just got lynched with negative comments

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