Why do some people think it's justified to treat random innocent Israelis like shit?

The idea is that Palestinians have to be nice to Jewish Israelis, so these superheroes in Qatar will be total assholes to put us in our places. They don’t acknowledge things like “leftist”. Israeli is Israeli. Especially since most of us have to serve in the IDF, we are all guilty. The 2SS that leftists supported was pretty universally panned by Palestinian supporters. The only thing that could make them happy is if we all left or died.

They treat us like garbage because they truly believe we are garbage. It doesn’t matter if we have Palestinian friends or spouses or if we want peace. A Jewish Israeli could even be fully anti-Zionist and Pro-Palestine and they would still be treated like scum because they are Jewish.

It always comes back to antisemitism. Maybe that’s just the low hanging fruit. But most Jewish diaspora have no connection to us beyond being Jewish. They don’t have a say in our politics. So why are they also being treated like shit?

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