Why do antisemites claim that America's wars in the middle east are because of Israel

Because they are. It is not a coincidence that the Islamic regime in Iran, Assad in Syria and Saddam in Iraq are the only governments in the Middle East that were targeted by US wars/threats of war in the past 20 years and ,at the same time, the only governments in the region that had retained strong and militant animosity towards Israel. Egypt under Mubarak and the Gulf States have been pro-Israel since the 80's and that is why they were the closest Arab partners of the US. Turkey has also been pro-Israel since its establishment and not only it is a close ally of the US ,but it is also the only Muslim member in NATO (despite Erdogan being an authoritarian piece of shit).

Everyone knows that Israel is almost the only determinant of US foreign policy in the Middle East (along with stabilizing oil prices). This is not even a debatable issue, it is a fact that almost everyone knows ,even those who don't care about politics. Asking such a question is like asking why people are saying the sky is blue.

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