Customs fees?

Wait a second… “you don’t work for free”…

1) shipping charges should be stated and collected at origin when the package is shipped. They are not supposed to pop up as a surprise when collecting the package. When I order a shipment from overseas, they tell me how much shipping charges cost and add them to the total cost.

2) In Israel some items carry duty fees - depending on the item. That is paid by the receiver of the package.

3) The VAT charge of 17% is also paid by the receiver.

4) There is no additional “sales tax”. VAT = sales tax.

5) There is also no extra “post office fee”, neither shipping company charges. In any case, it’s either one or another. But usually these fees were collected at the origin by the sender. You don’t pay twice.

6) A different case is when shipping costs are assumed by the receiver. In that case the seller didn’t charge shipping fee, only the cost of goods. Then it’s the receiver responsibility to pay shipping charges. If by mail, or by FedEx but never both.

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