What do you put on your shawarma/falafel?

i've been told by my israeli friend never to tell this to israelis, but I make no-meat cauliflower shawarma and have a recipe for blueberry hummus, but I will also use soybeans for the hummus or oil-free versions based on a recipe from an israeli chef (Michael Solomonov). Salad is an obvious yes. Alternatively I've put garam masala, curry spices, and a tahini sauce drizzle if not using hummus. As for falafels, I bake mine with some veggies and roast them with veggies at times so they get flavors from the stuff I put on vegetables, which is dish-specific, but I haven't experimented much otherwise

Will have to try amba and zhug and the other suggestions here though for my monstrosity creations. They say I should not be allowed near food again.

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