Was there more/less sexual harassment in the past decades ?

Watch 'Archie Bunker'. Archie and how he treated his daughter and Edith.

Watch 'Three's Company'.


Or watch 'Mad Men'.

Men had 'office wives', absolutely. A woman who fetched his coffee, ran his errands, expected to know what he needed and when. She ordered his meals the way he liked them, dressed the way he preferred. She nursed his hangovers, bore his wrath on bad days.

She got no raises or promotions, often staying with the same boss till one retired. Or he replaced her with a younger, prettier office wife she was expected to train.

She wasn't married, had no children, her life was her bosses happiness. If she got married, or pregnant, she would likely be demoted to file clerk, or secretarial pool.

I started office work in the late 70s. My first boss, with a government agency, told me I needed to wear dresses, heels and stockings. No pantsuits. Must wear make up and have 'appropriate' hair. Never to speak over him, never challenge him publicly or privately, never question his decisions.

I was an attorney, not an office wife. He always asked me to get his coffee, with a smirk as if saying 'know your place'. I never once did.

Same boss would say my ass was 'looking perky'. Suggested unbuttoning my blouse a bit for a certain client. Gave me a gift of a particular lipstick, asking me to put it on in front of him, saying watching women put on lipstick was 'arousing'. Suggested more than a few times, when arranging travel, that we could share a room 'to save money.'

In college I was working at a pizza parlor. The owner, a very short, very obese and hideous person, was known to suddenly reach out and tweak a nipple painfully. And laugh at her shocked face. He also was very fond of suggesting time in his office alone with a slap on the ass. We were afraid to do anything that required bending over anywhere in his vicinity. He also called us all his 'sweet whores'. I went to my college work study who placed me there and complained. They sighed and said, 'we tell him to stop doing that and he doesnt, what can we do?' And continued to send college girls to him.

I was fired from Westinghouse corporate when I was pregnant, because the vice president detested the sight of 'bloated women'. The same man who lived openly with his mistress in a very Catholic company. While his wife and children remained 'back home'.

That was in the 80s, btw.

I had Co workers who thought groping was flattering, who tried to grab a kiss 'as friends'.

Sexual harassment was not calling someone 'honey'. Not even close. It was office culture and we fought back. Women of my era are the reason there are laws now.

In terms of rape, it happened. Usually someone you knew. A boss, A Co worker, a neighbor. Hence, not reported since women were put through a nightmare of accusing her of asking for it, teasing, flirting, being available. None of it was true and after all that, men were either let go, never charged or got insanely light sentences. There was a rape case that charges were dropped because the girl was on birth control and wouldn't get pregnant from the rape, so what was the problem? Stranger rape was nearly unknown, but treated more seriously by everyone. Women didn't go out alone, really. It happened, generally in cities. But usually women were with a partner, family or friends. Just the way it was.

Women weren't packed into bars back then either, getting crazy drunk, while wearing next to nothing and dancing nasty all over. Did we go out? Of course! But it was so different. We did know that getting out of control drunk surrounded by strangers could be dangerous.

The stuff I've seen women wearing in our university town, hookers wouldn't have worn outside back then and now they are wearing fetish wear and lingerie to go out. Thats just a fact. I had business with a commercial lending bank and one of the women wore fetish heels. She had more than a few male fans who stopped in every day just to see what she was wearing that day. Very short skirts, tight very low cut shirts and those fetish wear shoes. Some she couldn't even walk in, were meant to be seen only. In a commercial bank of all places. It felt seriously awkward.

In this day, I've seen men aggressively sexually assaulted by women, verbally and physically. I've seen women blatantly grab a mans package and act offended when he pushed her hands away. Women seem to think sex on demand is their right now. Of course, not all women. Just as it wasn't all Men who were so boorish back in the day.

Its come full circle

Edit: BTW, domestic violence laws did not exist. A man could beat his wife and kids and nothing happened. If the cops came, he might be asked to go elsewhere 'to cool off'. A wife might be allowed to pack an overnight bag to go to her mothers for the night. Notice, 'asking' and 'might be'. Usually officers did nothing. You can thank us boomers for those laws too. DV shelters did not exist until women made it happen. Think about that the next time you "OK, boomer' someone.

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