Those of you who are wealthy and have kids, do you worry about your kids not being driven?

I grew up around several. Back when 1 million dollar homes meant something in this country, my best friend for middle school/junior high was from a family with a million+ dollar house. Massive lot. Cleaners. Gardeners. Mom who didn't work. Dad big shot lawyer.

Kid had the latest toys, including a freaking cellphone back when only businessmen had them.

Anyway he did dick all and is still to this day, pretty much a loser.

Another kid from a volunteering place we were both at came from some rich Hong Kong family. Total jackass. Treated me like shit. Talked shit about me and to me.

Most of the kids I grew up with were middle or upper middle class, except those two above who were rich.

I have another story of a kid whose grandpa made all the money and his kids were all losers, including having multiple kids and then divorcing and both parents pissing off somewhere so the grandkids were raised by grandparents and an uncle who still lived at home. None of them had ambition or anything. All the money was gone by the time the grand kid reached adulthood.

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