Does a man being attractive/fit make up for only 6 inch cock?

I agree with you, we have never had a couple we actually swapped with ask to see my dick first. The only ones that have asked are either dudes, onlyfan porn creators, or fakes.

We have been swinging for over 2 decades and I have exactly 0 pictures of my dick not being inside of a woman. And have never sent or posted 1 picture with it included.

I couldn't send one even if they asked, and if they ask I immediately assume it is just a guy chatterbating or cucking and they have 0 interest in actual swinging.

These guys ask the same shit constantly and get the same answers, and continue to do the same shit. We reject more couples and guys for sending dick pics than anything else.

Maybe it will change if women start measuring and posting the depth of their vagina. Why do you need a 8" dick if women can only take 6" before you are bottomed out.

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