Those who have been caught masturbating or having sex how did you handle that? What happened?

oh man. this has only happened to me once but i’ll never forget it. i was in high school at my girlfriends house. had just ate dinner with her family and after playing cards for a bit me and my gf went up to her room to watch a show. one thing leads to another (as usual with horny teenagers) and we’re getting some foreplay going ready to bang one out. she was on all fours with her head toward the same wall her door was on and I was behind her eating that ass up when someone gently knocked and let themself in before we could answer. I looked up, panicked by the disturbance with my tongue in the most sinful spot hoping it wasn’t her father who just barged in, then her mum said “oh sorry, dessert will be on the table in 10.” HER MUM WALKED IN ON ME EATING HER DAUGHTERS ASS AND PLAYED IT COOL. the two of us started laughing uncontrollably. I mean we were both buck naked, her mum saw what was going on. I have so much respect for her mum for playing it cool

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