Thoughts on a new magnetic loop on the market? Chameleon M-loop

I can't believe you came back for more. You need some work on your grammar before you try to pass off an air of superiority and represent the company.
(Spell check is needed in every one of your posts. ...and please don't hyphenate the United States. k thx)

I can't believe you don't know the actual cost on your own products.

Where are you getting a 30% markup? To be profitable, you need >0% markup. That's all. Once again, customers should not be forced to pay exorbitant pricing because you want to live in SoCal. That's where you get to live when you operate a business successfully.

Your dealers? Dude, you have the website setup to take orders. Take their markup part out of your erroneous equation.

I know 2 other California manufacturers well and they don't make near that much markup on their products and they have quite a few people employed to do just manufacturing. If you'd drop your prices and work off the volume of product moved, you'd build a name for yourself and be able to get more add-on sales. (go bags, additional connectors, coax, etc. The addons are where you can make some mean markup.)

Take the Arrow antenna for example: It's made (by hand) in the USA -not in SoCal mind you- and he moves plenty of merchandise. He has a great, loyal following among RDF and satellite communities. I'm sure he makes a decent bit of profit now that he's got the operation down to an art.

The last time you tried to defend the costs we were talking about your wire dipole prices. They show how much bloat you have. You need to trim the fat.
If you absolutely can't bring the price down to a sane level, you're way over-engineering it.

Maybe offer the 3 tier pricing model. (Google price anchoring)

Show the insides of that tuner box if it's truly a thing of beauty. If it's stupid, simple, cheap junk on the inside why charge top dollar?

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