So, I'm confused as to what we want as MMA fans?

I would love for the UFC to stay on top as the #1 mma promotion. I would also love if fighters were paid accordingly to that and not pennies. The amount of punishment they go through for our entertainment and then when any of them voice their opinion they (Zuffa) treat them like dogs and pretty much have the power to ruin their life.

Dana White is always talking about how the shelf life of a fighter is short and they need to make as much money as quick as they can before it's too late. Well, if you want world class fighters at the highest level, then training no longer becomes a hobby or a side job. These guys invest their entire life into this shit and get paid like peasants. All the while, the people at the top make all of the money. I'm sure most of the fighters will not be able to retire from this shit, so they spend the prime of their life doing this as their job and then once it's done, they are left with so many health problems with little to no prospects for an other job afterwards. If you fight in the UFC and have at least 10 fights, you should be comfortable for the rest of your life. (If you're smart with your money) But as it is now, even if a fighter is smart with his money, he's fucked once he's out of "the game". Financial, health, job prospect wise. It's on the verge of criminal for the higher ups to treat these guys like this. And we, as fans are just as much to blame as them.

I'll use Nate Diaz as an example. It's no secret he's very unhappy with how much he's paid. I know, I know he missed weight and lost 20% of his purse, it's totally his fault because he could've made more money! No, the issue is deeper than that. The poor guy is probably still laying in bed unable to do anything due to how bad his legs hurt, all of that was for what? To be humiliated by the President of the company by saying he should fucking retire? Really? Someone in their prime is told to retire after he just went out there and fought for you, even though he's extremely unhappy with his pay, he still went out there and fought and suffered severe trauma to his legs. I'm sure Nate Diaz isn't the only one, he just makes it known and knows Dana White won't cut him, because Nate Diaz is in fact a needle mover. As much as some of you people hate him, you can't deny the fact that Nate Diaz can sell a fight. Hell, look at /r/mma. Nate Diaz had the most front page posts here, I think the main card fighters had like one or two posts. Nate Diaz could go to bellator and make money but Zuffa won't allow that. Nope, you either fall in line and shut the fuck up because we pretty much own you. Just imagine the type of shit we don't see from less outspoken fighters. Poor guys, I really do feel bad for all of the fighters. I used to be a Dana White shill but the past year has made me realize what a piece of shit Zuffa is.

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