TIL that in June 1995 CIA took an aerial photo in Bosnia. It showed thousands of men and boys held captive near Srebrenica in Bosnia. Few days later they took a photo of the same area, but this time it showed mass graves.

Not to detract from the horrors of what was happening in the 90’s but the so called “millennial-pandering articles” aren’t meant to actually be news. Most of us millennials don’t even care about the articles that complain about the 90’s, that’s just what people in the media think we want to read about.

Honestly it’s mostly our parent’s generation pumping out those articles, and even then they’re just meant to be clickbait articles with no substance. Then people get angry about millennials only caring about stupid irrelevant things like “no wifi oh god” and then complain that we don’t care about REAL tragedies, but the truth is that most millennials would have been kids when all these tragedies were happening. We wouldn’t have even known about all these things since people tend not to tell their 5 year old kids about rape camps and genocide. So...

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