TIL sewage in the White House water supply is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 3 Presidents.

Wow Loki8481:

Thanks for bringing this interesting historical tid-bit, to our attention!

That's pretty intense, and quite an interesting perspective in relation to the American presidential history.

Just to talk a bit more about this important topic:

I do not doubt for one minute, that the quality of one's drinking water has a profound effect upon that person's life!


My own current town (the city of Lachine, in Quebec, Canada) was previously recognized for having an amazing Water-supply quality.

But then... a couple of years ago, the water began smelling really bad, and tasting very strange. (The water is pulled from a local river).

Nevertheless, I kept drinking the city water, remembering the articles I read about what a great quality of water our city supposedly had!

BUT... as I drank the water Lachine water more and more (and as the smell and taste of the water steadily progressed in a downward spiral, that many of my neighbors also noticed), I began to experience more and more intestinal issues:

including severely intense and painful stomach cramping, and including ultra-sever diarrhea at times! (Sorry: didn't mean to gross you out with that detail!).

And did I mention how bad the Lachine water has smelled through this time, and still smells badly at this time?!

But ya... when I then switched to drinking bottled water spring water, within only a couple of weeks I was miraculously "cured" and my bowels and stomach returned back to a very "normal" feeling!

So... in short... your source of drinking water probably plays a HUGE role in how you perform, and may even play a significant role in the course of human history.

That may sound outlandish and astonishing, but we humans are beings mostly made of water, and at the very basic of our cognitive and physical ability, is a requirement for mostly pure and safe drinking water.

Without generally wide spread, safe drinking water, human civilization is doomed to collapse, I fear.

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