TIL that a tick bite can cause a lifetime allergy to red meat. The Lone Star tick injects a type of sugar found in red meat into the blood, and causes antibodies to be made that cause an allergic reaction when the person later ingests meat with the sugar.

This is a response to you and the guy responding to you. Going through it right now, let me say the CDC can go suck a big fat cock. The medical community and insurance companies do not care about lyme disease at all. It's an absolute shame but of course everyone's going to listen to the CDC despite other doctors and researchers studying lyme and coinfections invasive strategies.

I went to an LLMD after strong suspicion I had lyme and sure enough, I'm doing much better than I was a year ago. I remember when I was bit and the timeline matches up to when I started feeling bad. Nobody really knows what fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome is. It's a catch all for doctors who don't know what the fuck is wrong. Antibiotics have varying levels of success based on the strain, how long you've had it, and type of coinfection, which I think are the main problems why lyme patients don't get better. Doctors are so narrow focused in their diagnosis that they're missing a huge factor. The reason current research is so bad and inconclusive regarding lyme is because there's dozen of different strains and coinfections that aren't tested for.

The current lyme disease test only focuses on a couple different strains. Not only that, it's going to be harder to detect bacteria soon after infection as it hasn't grown yet. It's only until you're in bad shape that you realize oh shit, I have lyme. You honestly think people are crazy until you deal with it yourself. Chronic lyme may not exist, for the borrelia bacteria, but when you aren't testing babesia, bartonella, etc... you're still not treating a big part of the problem. Chronic lyme is used a blanket term when really, you could be dealing with other tick-borne infections. It's a horrible situation that I wouldn't wish on anyone. I think there's big pieces of the puzzle researchers are missing that are slowly being unraveled. That article linked below only talks about the borrelia bacteria.

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